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We were made to live in community with others! At LifePark, we believe we grow more spiritually when we’re connected relationally. Our adult discipleship groups ministry is designed to help you fulfill this need. Our desire is to see everyone grow in Christ, build life-giving relationships, and share their faith with others. There are five different types of groups at LifePark: Classes, LifeGroups, re|engage, Care, and Mentoring groups. We want to help you find the best group for you.


The best time to join a group at LifePark is in the fall around the back to school season (August/September), right after the new year (January/February), and when summer rolls around (June). We often promote new groups and opportunities for a few weeks during each of these seasons and then new groups launch after Labor Day, New Year’s, and when school releases for the summer. We are glad to help you find a group to join between these keys dates as well. Just reach out through our inquiry form.

Normally, we offer multiple options for childcare as it relates to groups at LifePark. (In the past, we have offered it at the church during certain times, in homes for group gatherings, and individually per household when not needed on the group level so that all adults can attend groups). For the safety of our children, this fall we will offer one option: childcare subsidization. Essentially, parents are encouraged to hire their own babysitter at their home. They submit a form monthly and LifePark will reimburse parents up to $6 per hour for up to three hours per week. Click here to submit a reimbursement request.

If you’ve read our brief guide to the types of groups at LifePark and still have questions about finding the right group for you, we’d love to help. Send us a note through our inquiry form below and we’ll be glad to get back to you and help you find the right group for you.

Yes! Groups are still gathering and meeting together in light of COVID-19. As you explore our groups offerings you’ll see we have a myriad of group options and meeting locations. Some of our groups are meeting exclusively online via platforms like zoom and video conferencing, while others are meeting safely outdoors throughout the community, gathering in homes and on porches, or even meeting with masks on in our larger meeting spaces at the church. Each group listing will provide details about when and how they are meeting. You can even search for groups by meeting location if that helps you find a fit that feels safest for you.